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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

A young woman looks fondly at the dog she's holding
07 August 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 16: Furry companions

Our devoted pets have always been there for us 24/7 – share your pet pictures and tell us how has your relationship with your pet(s) has changed during lockdown.

Two girls in school uniform smile and throw peace signs with fingers
06 August 2020

Research essentials for secondary students

Join us for an ongoing series of video tutorials teaching practical research skills to students in Years 7 to 10.

A woman in a black outfit stands on an ornate, white balcony indoors
05 August 2020

The dome balconies

Join Kate Torney for an insight into the narrow, book-laden balconies that perch on the perimeter walls of the majestic domed La Trobe Reading Room.

A mannequin on display wears a majestic cloak and a striking headdress
03 August 2020

Power dressing: the story behind Jessie Brookes' 1934 outfit

Hear 'Velvet, Iron, Ashes' curator Carolyn Fraser tell the story behind this remarkable costume and its statement headpiece.

Pencil sketch of a woman laying down reading
31 July 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 15: Lockdown content

Whether your preferred content amplifies the outside world or diverts you from it, we'd love to hear about what you're reading, listening to and watching.

A woman in black clothes with city skyscrapers in the background
29 July 2020

The roof

Join Kate Torney as she ascends beyond the 'Keep out' signs to an area rarely visited – high on the roof.

27 July 2020

The critical connection between Ned Kelly, The Ashes & Janet Lady Clarke

Lead curator Carolyn Fraser shows how one influential woman, Janet Lady Clarke, is the critical thread that connects Ned Kelly's armour and cricket's contested Ashes.

Interior of IPQH
27 July 2020

Behind the scenes of the magnificent The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall

Come on a virtual tour of the The Ian Potter Queen's Hall to see it from the unique perspective of Ruth Wilson and Simon Farr of Architectus, who led its recent redevelopment.

A woman holds hand with a child as they walk through dust wearing face coverings
24 July 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 14: Cover up

Place a physical barrier between yourself and COVID-19 and send us a face mask selfie.

Inscribed words on a white wall
23 July 2020

The ribbon of words

Join Kate Torney in the dome, as we turn our gaze upwards to draw inspiration from 'the ribbon of words' that frames this iconic space.

Women sort Freddo Frog chocolates on an assembly line
20 July 2020

Freddo Frogs, Cherry Ripes & an averted plane disaster

Watch a short film of Carolyn Fraser talking about the connection between Melbourne confectionery king Macpherson Robertson and a Dutch plane lost over Albury in 1934.

A blonde man rides a bicycle down a suburban street
17 July 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 13: Daily snapshots

Share your photos of your walks through your local area be it urban, rural or in-between.