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Visit Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter

The Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter, supported by Gandel Foundation, is a free, purpose-built space for children aged up to 12 years (and their parents and carers) to read, learn and play, with an associated program of activities.

The space spans two floors and features a two-storey children's castle: the top floor is designed for kids aged 8 to 12 years, and the lower level caters for younger children.

You'll also find reading nooks, a play space and a browsing collection of more than 4000 children's books, including Braille books and books in languages other than English.

Zoned areas have been designed to cater for children as they grow and develop, with specific areas and activities targeted towards babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary schoolers and pre-teens.

To cater for your family's comfort, you are permitted to bring food and drink for babies and toddlers into this area. There's also a private family room with breastfeeding and baby change facilities, toilets for both children and adults, and space to park prams.

Programs & events

Children up to 12 years of age and their families can participate in free programs and events in the space.

These new, innovative programs, supported by Gandel Foundation, are aimed at nurturing a love of stories and building literacy in children.

Highlights include:

  • school holiday programs
  • weekly favourites like Storytime and Playdate at the Library
  • sessions in languages other than English (when scheduled)
  • low-sensory programs (when scheduled).

Browse all programs suitable for families and for the young ones in your life!

Family-friendly features

Enter the Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter from the Quad on Level 2 (ground floor).

The space includes these features:

  • two-storey children's castle
  • over 4000 children's books for browsing
  • reading nooks
  • wet-area makerspace for creative play
  • worktables
  • family room with baby change and breastfeeding facilities
  • toilets for both children and adults
  • pram parking
  • Library staff
  • lift access between Level 2 (ground floor) and mezzanine (top floor of the castle)
  • food and drink for babies and toddlers permitted.

Visitor guidelines

The Library is a child safe organisation so children must be supervised by an adult. Please stay with your child at all times.

Parents or carers may allow older children to be in the castle on their own; however, they retain duty of care and must stay within the Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter while their child is there.

We ask that visitors to the Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter:

  • share the space so that everyone feels safe and enjoys their visit
  • respect each other with kind words and actions
  • keep pathways clear
  • clean up after themselves
  • be responsible for belongings.