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The best of our blog in 2021

21 December 2021

Our incredible Librarians have added more than 60 new posts to the State Library Victoria blog this year.

They have explored and researched a range of topics including family history, collection spotlights, rare books and even the supernatural! But what posts were most beloved by our community?

Look back with us at some of the most popular posts of 2021.

There’s more to the roll!

Electoral rolls contain minimal information, yet, for family historians, they are one of the most valuable and frequently used resources. Understanding the rolls enables researchers to get the most out of this fantastic resource and navigate challenges along the way.

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‘Put out that light!’ Brownout Melbourne during World War II

Initially a remote concept, the second world war changed life on the home front when the lights of Melbourne began to dim. Our Librarians take a visual look back through photos of this period.

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Bright: a town for all seasons

The town of Bright holds a special place in the hearts of many Victorians. From the early gold boom to the annual Autumn Festival, Bright is truly a town for all seasons.

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Robert Vere Scott’s photographic panoramas

From landscapes to vintage skylines and trackside views, our Pictures collection has a number of notable examples of early panoramic photographs from the work of Robert Vere Scott.

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Dancing above the tracks: The VRI Ballroom at Flinders Street Station

Currently the home of Patricia Piccinini's A miracle constantly repeated, Flinders Street Station’s ballroom is a little known part of Melbourne’s history. In the blog, we look back at the history of the ballroom and hope this grand space is returned to its former glory. 

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