Ned Kelly's armour has been removed from display. Learn more about its relocation and other space closures. More information.

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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

Close up on cars and trucks on a busy road
10 September 2021

Webinar: net zero by 2050, will transport be a lifter or a leaner?

Watch our webinar where an expert panel discusses practical policies for lowering Australia's transport emissions.

An open book with a play button on top
06 September 2021

The History of Marginalia: medieval manuscripts

Learn about the historic practice of marginalia, and explore a medieval example found in the Library’s collection.

Woman standing amongst shelves of books
30 August 2021

The Library Files: exploring 52 kilometres of our collection

Come along for a whistle stop tour of State library Victoria’s off-site collection storage in Ballarat.

Black and white photo of people standing on a cliff face
23 August 2021

All aboard the (SL)V-line

For nearly six months, the Library has been ‘visiting’ a different town in regional Victoria every Wednesday through the imaginary locomotive (SL)V-line.

Woman standing in front of a table with maps on it
23 August 2021

Treasures of the Library: the first map of Melbourne's CBD

Discover early nineteenth century Melbourne through two special items from our Robert Russell collection.

Two women laugh at a service desk in an art gallery
17 August 2021

Ask a Librarian

Our wonderful librarians share fascinating insights into collection items and respond to your questions in this video and blog series.

Close up on cars and trucks on a busy road
11 August 2021

The Policy Pitch reading list: net-zero by 2050, will transport be a lifter or a leaner?

Learn more about the practical policies for reducing Australia's transport emissions with this curated reading list.

Black and white photo of young students in a science lab
09 August 2021

National Science Week 2021

Discover the Library's events, resources and videos celebrating science and technology.

A white box full of old keys
09 August 2021

Mystery Box: 19th century keys to the Melbourne Zoo

Join Principal Librarian Kevin Molloy as he explores the Le Souëf family collection.

Two boxes full of small matchboxes, and gloved hands picking one up
26 July 2021

Mystery Box: 70 years of Redhead matchboxes

Discover how the iconic Bryant and May Redhead matchbox changed over the decades and became essential to Australian households.

Black tile with headshots of speakers
23 July 2021

Webinar: resetting permanent skilled migration after the pandemic

A panel of experts discuss the future of Australia’s permanent skilled migration program in this live webinar, in partnership with Grattan Institute.

Glass display cabinet with armour inside
19 July 2021

Ned Kelly’s armour: a suit becomes a symbol

Take a rare, close-up look at Ned Kelly's armour in this short documentary featuring interviews with our Conservation team.