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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

Lifelike painting of birds among foliage
17 November 2020

Audubon's astonishing 'Birds of America'

Watch Principal Librarian Des Cowley reveal the intriguing stories behind Audubon's astonishing work of art, 'Birds of America' – including how the Library came to acquire it.

Black and white photo of two ballet dancers
11 November 2020

The exquisite ballet photography of Jean Stewart

Take a tantalising glimpse into the world of ballet from the 1930s to 1950s.

Black and white photo of two men filling the petrol of two cars
05 November 2020

The evolution of the Aussie servo

Take a trip down memory lane to the days when servos had character.

Isobel Knowles next to an image of decorated fruit
04 November 2020

Children's animation storytelling workshop with Isobel Knowles

Bring your apples, oranges and bananas to life with this animation workshop!

Black and white photo of a cat sitting at a table
29 October 2020

The best cats in our catalogue

We've scoured our digital collection for some of the best portraits of our feline friends!

A crowd of onlookers at a football game
22 October 2020

Local football over the decades

We've scoured our digital collections for the best and rarest images of local football over the century.

Headshot of Erik Jensen on grey and black background
21 October 2020

2020 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture: Erik Jensen, The Man with No Face

Erik Jensen delivers a powerful lecture that explores how political systems impact the lives of individuals.

A single row boat floats down a flooded Melbourne street
15 October 2020

The day Melbourne went underwater

Our latest From the Vault video offers an extraordinary glimpse into our city, underwater, during the 'Great Flood' of 1891.

Black and white photo of two horses in front of a tram
08 October 2020

The horse-powered trams of 19th century Melbourne

In our latest video of the From the Vault series, we bring you some rarely-seen photos of Melbourne's earliest public transport.

Black and white photo of six men and two horses standing by a large tree
01 October 2020

A grandstand in the middle of Beech Forest

An Ask a Librarian query unearthed a very wacky racecourse in the middle of a forest!

Black and white photo of two young children
25 September 2020

A rare photo series showing the Melbourne slums of the 1930s

The first video in our brand new series, From the Vault, provides a rare glimpse into the slums of Melbourne 100 years ago.

Tai Snaith dreamscape
21 September 2020

Create a dreamscape with Tai Snaith

Delve deep into your imagination and create the place of your dreams!