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Brickman’s most admirable builders

03 February 2022

Have you ever wondered who Brickman – Ryan McNaught – admires and gathers inspiration from for his unique LEGO® brick builds? With decades in the brick building business, Brickman has met many fellow artists and craftspeople who have helped shape the way he makes his out-of-this-world LEGO® brick creations.

Discover Brickman’s responses below about his favourite builders, as well as some helpful tips for you at home to connect with a few of the best LEGO® builders worldwide.

'Sean Kenney is a fantastic builder I respect enormously – his LEGO® brick animals are absolutely amazing.'

'Jamie Berard is one of the judges from the US series of LEGO® Masters and is also a bit of a legend to me. His work as a LEGO® set designer fundamentally changed some of the ways the company LEGO® creates sets.'

'There are a tonne of great LEGO® MOCers* out there who are way better builders than me! Just do some searches for #LEGO on Instagram or scroll through LEGO® tags on Flickr - you will find some truly amazing creations!'

*In the online LEGO® community, a MOCer is a term used instead of ‘creator’ for someone whose hobby is building with LEGO®. MOCer comes from the term MOC, meaning ‘My Own Creation.’

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