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Ordering copies of collection items

Copies of collection items can be provided to you in TIFF (highest quality, suitable for reproduction in books, exhibitions and lectures) or PDF format. Files are delivered to you as a digital download or on CD.

Please note: this service is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 requirements but will resume from Monday 7 December 2020.

You can use our service:

  • where self-service copying options (photocopying, scanning and photographing) aren't possible – for example, an item is too fragile or it isn't convenient for you to come to the Library and make your own copy
  • where you want a copy of an item that hasn't yet been digitised and made available for free download via the catalogue
  • where you want a custom version of an item already digitised and available through the catalogue.

Please note that some items can't be copied; for example, because they are too fragile, rare or valuable.

What can be copied

Subject to copyright and other conditions, you can order copies of:

  • pictures, maps and manuscripts
  • books, newspapers and journal articles.

Many items are available in digital format via our subscriptions to journal and ebook publisher databases and websites, and can be downloaded or printed for free.

The Library has an active digitising program, with a focus on digitising items relevant to Victoria and Australia. More than 600,000 images from our collection have been digitised and are available to download from our catalogue, for free. 

You are welcome to copy and re-use our out-of-copyright material; however, we ask you to acknowledge the work's creator and title (where known), and State Library Victoria as the source of the work.

Some digitised materials may be subject to copyright or other access conditions such as cultural sensitivity.

Where items are not available in this way, you can order a digital copy (conditions apply).

How to place an order

1. Search our catalogue for the item you wish to have copied.
2. View the catalogue record to check if a free downloadable TIFF (high-quality image) or JPEG (lower-quality image) is already available for that item. If so, you don't need to order a copy (unless you require a custom version).
3. Look for the 'Order a copy' link on the catalogue record's full details screen in the 'Availability' and 'Other links' sections. (If this link isn't displaying in the catalogue record, the item is not suitable for copying and you cannot order a copy.) Click this link to go to our Direct Delivery online copy ordering service.
4. Sign in with your Library membership barcode number and last name. (You can become a Library member for free!)
5. Complete your order by following the on-screen instructions. Prices vary according to material type, output and quantity. Online help is available at every stage. Once your order has been placed, our Direct Delivery service will contact you to confirm your order and to provide payment options.

Price list

Original formatOutput formatPrice A$ inc GST
Books & journal articles (per citation)PDF
TIFF (standard)
TIFF (custom)
$16.50 for every 50 pages
$22.00 per page
$35.00 per page
Newspapers (per citation)PDF
TIFF (standard)
TIFF (custom)
$16.50 for every 50 pages
$22.00 per page
$35.00 per page
Pictures, photographs,
maps & architectural drawings
TIFF (standard)
TIFF (custom)
$22.00 each
$35.00 each
Manuscripts (per collection)PDF
TIFF (standard)
TIFF (custom)
$16.50 for every 50 pages
$22.00 per page
$35.00 per page

Delivery fees

LocationMethodPrice A$
All locationsFile downloadFree
State Library Victoria, MelbourneCollect in personFree
Australian states including VictoriaAustralia Post (standard)$4.40
Australian states including VictoriaAustralia Post (express)$8.80
InternationalAustralia Post (standard)$22.00

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and all charges will be processed in Australian dollars. GST is removed from all international orders before payment.

Prices are subject to change without notification and total amounts payable are subject to confirmation. The Library will notify you by email or phone if there are any changes to the total cost of an order.

Please note that due to restricted conditions due to COVID-19, it may take up to 30 days to complete your request.

For more information, phone our Direct Delivery online copy ordering service on 03 8664 7159 or email