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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

02 September 2020


Share the delight of stories, songs, play and craft activities with your pre-schooler through our series of online Storytime videos!

Two women laugh at a service desk in an art gallery
01 September 2020

Ask a Librarian

Our wonderful librarians share fascinating insights into collection items and respond to your questions in this new video and blog series.

A mechanical home-made old radio
29 August 2020

Creative tech Fridays

Calling all creators, makers and podcasters: learn the skills to take your project to the next level!

Woman and child reading a book together
29 August 2020

Baby Bounce

Watch these fun, interactive videos of stories, songs and rhymes – for children aged 18 months and under, their parents and carers.

Men and women with 1960s outfits and hairstyles enjoy a drink at a bar
28 August 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 19: Social activities

As we creak into the halfway point of lockdown, we ask you to share the social activities that you most look forward to resuming when restrictions ease.

A woman smiles as she leans over an old wooden chair and desk
27 August 2020

Dome furniture

Kate Torney gives us an up-close peek at the dome's well-worn furniture which manages to be both charming and functional after more than 100 years!

6 weeks 6 issues
21 August 2020

6 weeks, 6 issues

Catch up on all six episodes of our weekly online talk series, moderated by Kate Torney, where we hear from experts directly involved in planning Victoria's post-COVID recovery.

A man with a big beard and hair receives a trim while three other men look on smiling
21 August 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 18: Iso hair

What's up top? Share photos of your best, your worst and your craziest hairstyles and haircuts during lockdown!

A woman in a white dress stand beside a painting of a scorched landscape
20 August 2020

Favourites from the Cowen Gallery

Join Kate Torney as she shares the stories behind three paintings in the Cowen Gallery, all linked by the theme of fire.

A woman feeds a man a cracker as they play records on a turntable
14 August 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 17: Electric dreams

During lockdown, we've come to depend on technology – tell us about the technology that you're most grateful for right now.

Fingers scroll through index cards in an old-fashioned library card catalogue
13 August 2020

The card catalogue

Follow Kate Torney down to the Library catacombs to marvel at the beauty and ingenuity of our old card catalogue – the Google of the 1800s!

Policy Pitch August 2020
12 August 2020

The Policy Pitch: Female workforce participation

Hear a panel discussion on the changes in workplaces, families and government policies that would help expand choices for Australian women.