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19 March 2021

Catch up on this fortnightly series where we explore the cracks in our systems and how we can all make positive changes in the way we live, learn and play.

Each episode, creative thinkers will join award-winning journalist Santilla Chingaipe to discuss their brave and bold future state ideas, ranging from television to politics.

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29 October: The future of citizenship with curator, author and Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney Jess Scully

12 November: The future of Indigenous design thinking with architect, senior lecturer and Wailwan and Kamilaroi man Jefa Greenaway.

26 November: The future of futures (part one) with academic and professional futurist Bridgette Engeler.

10 December: The future of futures (part two) with academic and professional futurist Bridgette Engeler.

4 February: The future of the office with independent journalist and author Gideon Haigh.

18 February: The future of dining with Australian journalist and food author, Dani Valent.

4 March: The future of women's safety with data activist and She's a Crowd Founder Zoë Condliffe.

18 March: The future of fashion with slow fashion stylist and Ironic Minimalist founder Jenna Flood.

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Want to cut down on screen time? Each episode will also be available as a podcast - listen below or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Episode one – The future of citizenship

In this first episode, Santilla and Jess Scully discuss new ways citizens are getting involved in government decision-making, and how we can all apply those concepts to our daily lives.

Episode two – The future of Indigenous design thinking

In our second episode of the series, Santilla and Jefa Greenaway explore how we can ensure Indigenous knowledge is championed in the design space. 

Episode three – The future of futures (part one)

In this episode, Santilla and professional futurist Bridgette Engeler discuss how to think about and create a better distant future.

Episode four – The future of futures (part two)

In our final episode of 2020, professional futurist Bridgette Engeler returns to answer your burning questions, imaginings and provocations about the distant future off the back of her recent discussion.

Episode five – The future of the office

Has COVID-19 ushered in the end of office-life as we know it? In this episode, independent journalist Gideon Haigh reflects on our relationship with the office and the role it will play in a post-pandemic future.

Episode six – The future of dining

In this episode, food writer Dani Valent explores the medium-term future of dining in Victoria. Beyond the QR codes and takeaway pivots, what innovative new ventures, trends or ideas will emerge in 2021 and beyond?

Episode seven – The future of women's safety

In this episode, data activist, gender advocate and researcher Zoë Condliffe joins us to discuss how she and her team at She's a Crowd are looking at data from a feminist perspective to make public spaces safer for women and non-binary people.

Episode eight – The future of fashion

In a world where you can order an entirely new wardrobe with the click of your mouse, how can we make the fashion industry more sustainable? In the final episode of season two, our host chats to slow fashion stylist Jenna Flood about the issues surrounding fast fashion.

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