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Brickman’s favourite builds

13 January 2022

Need some inspiration to start building in the new year? Look no further as Brickman – Ryan McNaught – provides a list of his all-time favourite creations, including the struggles and triumphs with each construction. 

Check out Brickman’s responses below:

The Love Boat

This was one of my first huge builds and the one that I took overseas when I initially met LEGO® staff and was invited to become a LEGO® Certified Professional. I built the Love Boat model in sections on 32x32 baseplates on my dining room table, and it took me hundreds of hours and over 250,000 LEGO® bricks to create!


Probably my favourite ever build was the Colosseum build, which taught me so much about building complex shapes and details from LEGO® bricks. The entire building is a series of stepped ovals, which are very hard to produce using square edged LEGO® bricks! Taking 300 hours to make, I used 175,000 LEGO® bricks to make it. 

Tragically in 2020, my original Colosseum was completely destroyed in transit from an overseas exhibition, and we had to rebuild it entirely!


In 2017, we built a 7.5m high NASA rocket which will take a man to the moon; it’s a huge, incredible piece of LEGO® engineering that has so much thought put into it. Totalling over 460,323 LEGO® bricks, this enormous model, the tallest LEGO® model in the Southern Hemisphere, ended up taking 563 hours to design and build!

Jurassic World T-Rex

This enormous model represents the latest development for me and the Brickman team - it was such a huge leap for us that taught myself and the builders so much about taking our LEGO® builds and exhibitions to a whole new level!

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