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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

Poster of a man on an emu with a sack of presents.
18 December 2020

Xmas toy fair & magic cave online jigsaw puzzle

This wacky Australian Christmas scene has been turned into an online jigsaw puzzle!

Blinky Bill the koala wearing checked pants with red suspenders and holding a slingshot, standing in front of a tree trunk, holding hands with his mother Mrs Koala, who is wearing a spotted frock, apron and checkered shawl.
18 December 2020

Blinky Bill and Mrs Koala online jigsaw puzzle

One of Australia's favourite characters now comes in puzzle form!

This winter wonderland scene is hand painted on glass. The Magic Lantern slides were made to be projected like an early version of a slide show or movie. When light was shone through the image,s the colours were bright and saturated creating a magical sight.
18 December 2020

Winter wonderland online jigsaw puzzle

Get into the Christmas spirit with this winter wonderland scene.

Shows small girl asleep beside tree, with fairies and elves flying around her.
18 December 2020

Fairy gully online digital puzzle

Enjoy putting this scene with fairies and Australian animals back together.

Historical drawing of a manticore
15 December 2020

Fantastic beasts: unicorns, manticores and mermaids

Join Senior Librarian Dr Anna Welch as she explores the curious mythical animals once featured in our natural history books.

From the Vault department stores
11 December 2020

Melbourne's lost department stores

In this episode of From the Vault we take you back in time to the golden era of Melbourne retail and department stores.

Headshot of a woman next to Bindi book cover
10 December 2020

Kirli Saunders Story Talks

Tune in to hear about Kirli's new book and learn how to celebrate and take care of Country.

Black and white photo of a man smiling
10 December 2020

Story Talks with Boori Monty Pryor

Be transported by the creative tales of the famed storyteller and author of My Girragundji.

Woman with pink hair smiling next to cover of book
10 December 2020

Julianne Negri Story Talks

In this three-part series author Julianne Negri ensnares the senses and lets your imagination run wild with creative reading and writing activities.

A manuscript lays unfurled from its scroll
08 December 2020

From tablet to codex & beyond: the history of the book

Join Senior librarian Dr Anna Welch to discover how changes in the physical form of the book have revolutionised the way we take in information and ideas.

Sepia photo of a tin shed next to Melbourne's post office
04 December 2020

The mysterious tin shed in Melbourne's CBD

This episode of From the Vault explores the story of a humble corrugated iron building which sat in the middle of the city for decades.

The spines of hardcover books of various heights and sizes sit on a shelf
01 December 2020

Restricted books

Principal librarian Des Cowley lifts the curtain on books that were once kept hidden, because of their apparently dangerous and controversial ideas.