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Brickman’s builds: an overview

11 February 2022

We're nearing the end of our wonderful State Library Bricktoria summer program, so we thought we’d ask Brickman – Ryan McNaught – for an overview of the process of his creations, from setbacks to his favourite part of a LEGO® brick build. 

Check out Brickman’s answers below. 

1. After an exhibition is finished, where does the LEGO® build go?

Most models we keep together and create specialised crates for them so that we can continue to transport and display them for more people to see! 

2. What’s the longest amount of time you have spent on a LEGO® build? 

Probably the longest we’ve built a model for is the life-size Brachiosaurus model from our Jurassic World exhibition - it took us nearly 1,500 hours to design and build. This model is so big people can walk underneath it!

3. Have you had any troubles/ setbacks with a LEGO® build in the past? 

We’ve had plenty of setbacks on our builds! We’ve had to rebuild entire models after the windows were the wrong colour or they are smashed in transport overseas! On really big LEGO® builds like ours, one tiny error can turn into a big problem if we don’t catch them early!

4. What is your favourite part of a LEGO® build and why?

Building all the little details! The minifigs add life and story to a LEGO® build, and it’s where I get to have the most fun, creating silly little moments and easter eggs for people to find.

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