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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

14 December 2021

Roller-mania in 19th century Victoria

In this episode of Mystery Box, Senior Librarian Bridie Flynn delves into the enduring appeal of rollerskating in Victoria.

13 December 2021

Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List 2021

Watch this webinar where we reveal the top six thought-provoking, diverse, and relevant books and articles from 2021.

09 December 2021

Grandiose garb of the Crimean War

Join Principal Librarian Tim Hogan for a close look at a rather elegant helmet in the State Library's collection.

Coloured LEGO pieces
25 November 2021

Top five Summer Blockbuster events

Hear from Helen, one of the Library's Creative Programs Managers, on what events she can't wait to attend this summer!

Two hands holding open a small book
22 November 2021

Rare Book Club: merry pills, cuckolds and 17th century astrology

In this episode of Rare Book Club, historian Paul Salzman transports us back the 17th century through some intriguing almanacs from the John Emmerson Collection.

Anna Welch standing next to a concertina book from Melbourne artist and former fellow, Angela Cavalieri
08 November 2021

Rare Book Club: unfolding metres of a concertina artist book

Watch the second episode of the Rare Book Club, where we explore a remarkable concertina book within the Library’s collection.

Close up of the illustrations on a book page
25 October 2021

Rare Book Club: from the library of Lorenzo de Medici

Welcome to the Rare Book Club, where we explore, inspect and marvel at some of the most unique and extraordinary rare books in the Library’s collection.

Black and white photo of a man holding up a glass of water
18 October 2021

‘Don’t pray for rain, dam it!’: A brief history of water conservation in Victoria

Senior Curator Linda Short turns to our recently re-imagined Changing face of Victoria exhibition for insight into the state’s relationship with water over the decades.

Open pages of a book with a play button on top
11 October 2021

Treasures of the Library: the magic of blow books

In this episode of Treasures of the Library, Senior Librarian Dominique Dunstan conjures up three examples of blow books from the WG Alma conjuring collection.

A 1648 book open showing the title and accompanying drawings
04 October 2021

The History of Marginalia: curator's pick

Learn about the historic practice of marginalia and Anna Welch's favourite example found in the Library’s collection.

A black and white photo of the Waiters' Race, Brunswick St Parade, Fringe Festival 1988.
30 September 2021

Melbourne Fringe is celebrating 40 years

Be a part of the narrative.

Black and white photo of a tall building
27 September 2021

A history of coffee in Melbourne

Discover the history of our city’s long-term affinity with the latte with curator Linda Short.