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Lisa Ring and Family Scholarships

StartSpace has collaborated with philanthropist Lisa Ring and family to create scholarships in support of ambitious new founders with the commitment and drive necessary for their businesses to grow. 

The 2022 Lisa Ring and Family Scholarship recipients are:

  • Anna Taylor for her business idea, Podcard, which creates and sends personalised podcasts.
  • David Hartley for his business idea, SoundSmith, which connects musicians with viral creators.

The scholarships will support the two early-stage business founders to grow their knowledge, skills and networks with $10k seed funding, mentoring and StartSpace Loft membership.

Selected from a pool of 85 applicants, Ms Taylor and Mr Hartley stood out for their ambitious new business ideas, especially with regard to the key criteria around market, solution, fit, traction and impact.

About Lisa Ring

Lisa Ring is a philanthropist with a family office that has generously donated to provide scholarships to help develop and promote confidence to new and early stage founders. 

The majority of seed funding and support across the startup ecosystem tends to be aimed at more established and growing/scalable startups. Which is why Lisa Ring and family decided to work with StartSpace, to focus support for founders that have a great business idea, yet are still just starting out in establishing their new business.