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Bibliotherapy for kids with State Library Victoria

You’re never too young to experience the healing power of stories!

Join practicing bibliotherapist Susan McLaine for two special kids' episodes of Bibliotherapy with State Library Victoria.

These episodes explore concepts that are suitable for children of any age with a parent or carer present to offer guidance.

Parents are encouraged to listen on their own first if they’re curious about the topics discussed. 

Listen to Bibliotherapy for kids with State Library Victoria

Episode 1

Susan shares a story and a poem with families to promote imaginative conversations around self-awareness and the strengths that help us get through challenging times. This episode features two readings followed by an activity:

  • 'The march of the ants' by current Australian Children's Laureate Ursula Dubosarsky, unpublished.
  • 'Paper boats' by Rabindranath Tagore, 1913.

Activity: children will be invited to make their own paper boat. This is a strengths-based activity to encourage parents and carers to let children know what they do well, and about the positive attributes and attitudes they have. Follow these simple steps to make a paper boat.

Best suited for 7-9 year olds.

Episode 2

Susan shares a story and a poem with families to promote creative conversations about resilience and different perspectives on the world as it is right now.This episode includes two readings:

  • 'Little big tree' by Tim Brown, illustrated by Andy Geppert, Kidiki Publishing.
  • 'Scarecrow' by Janeen Brian, The School Magazine, NSW.

Best suited for 10-12 year olds.

About Bibliotherapy

The word ‘bibliotherapy’ is derived from the Greek words for book, biblio and healing, therapeia.

But in a more general sense, the word describes an age-old practice of book therapy where the healing power of literature nourishes and comforts us during challenging times.

Visit Bibliotherapy with State Library Victoria to discover more and to listen to episodes of our podcast series.