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Using advanced search

The advanced search function gives you more options to refine your search and combine different search criteria. For example, you could limit your search to newspapers published in Sydney in the Greek language.

Searching within specific fields

In addition to searching the title, author and subject fields in our records, the advanced search allows you to search specifically within fields:

  • in user tags
  • in the text of selected manuscripts descriptive lists
  • where a newspaper was published
  • the name of the publisher
  • the year an item was created or published
  • the call number, also known as the Dewey number or shelf location
  • the accession number or image number, which are unique numbers assigned to manuscripts and pictures
  • the ISBN or ISSN
  • the notes, or general information about the item
  • the contents or summary notes, which tell you about the contents of an item
  • the series or collection title used mainly for books series, maps and collections of unpublished works such as photos
  • the language note, which includes both the language in which an item is written and the original language if it's a translation
  • any access conditions; for example, items that are out of copyright
  • the copyright status code
  • the collection code; for example, B for books in the Redmond Barry Reading Room
  • the State Library URL for digitised collection items

Example searches

To find:Select from drop-down menu:Type in:
Newspapers published in Bendigo'in Place newspaper published'bendigo
Books in Chinese'in Language note'
Search scope menu: 'Books etc'
Books about Mao Zedong in Chinese'in Language note'
Search scope menu: 'Books etc'
chinese (in first text box, corresponding to 'in Language note' selection)
mao zedong (in second text box, no need to alter the corresponding menus)
The single item with the accession number H91.282/1'Accession/Image/Call no.'h91.282/1
The group of related items with the accession numbers H2011.36/1-67'Accession/Image/Call no.'h2011.36*
The single item with the call number S 305.52 M33N'Accession/Image/Call no.'305.52 m33n (omit any letters before the first number)
The group of items which includes the call number 305.52 M33N'Accession/Image/Call no.'305.52*
Items that are out of copyright'in Copyright status code'oc
Pictures that are out of copyright'in Access conditions' + 'using exact phrase'
Search scope menu: 'Pictures & photographs'
out of copyright
Digitised items related to ships'in State Library URL' + 'using exact phrase' (in first text box, corresponding to ‘in State Library URL’ selection)
ships (in second text box, no need to alter the corresponding menus)

More search tips

For more search tips you can use in a simple or advanced search, see How to search.