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Finding newspapers

Find by title or keywords

Type your search terms into the search box, using the Everything except articles search. Choose the Newspapers refinement option.

Find by ISSN

See our Finding newspaper articles online (link needed) page for a list of major Australian and international titles.

Find by 'Place newspaper published'

Use the Advanced search and choose 'Place newspaper published' from the first drop-down box. Type a place name into the corresponding text box – this can be a town, city, region, state or country or country.

User tags and keyword searching

Some groups of newspaper titles have been tagged by registered State Library members. To search tags, click on the 3 dots next to Help, then choose Tags from the next screen.

You can also search for user tags using the options below the search box.

Our Tags and comments page will show you how to make your own tags.

Sorting search results

Under Sort by, there is a drop-down list to change how your results are sorted. Title, newest date or oldest date are especially useful for newspapers.

Title changes

Newspapers often change their name over time and each change will have its own catalogue record. The full catalogue record lists related works, and may also have a link saying 'View family tree for this title'. The family tree opens in a new tab or window and includes title changes and their date ranges.

Publication dates vs holdings dates

Newspapers are continuing publications and the library may not have all the issues of a newspaper.

The catalogue records show the dates of publication and the 'holdings'; i.e. the actual issues the Library has in its collection.

For example, the Cape Times was published between 1887 and 1913, but the Library only has issues from 1895 to 1913. To check the holdings, go to the 'Availability' section of the catalogue record and look at Holdings.

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