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Browse search

Browsing the catalogue can be a useful alternative to searching for a specific item, helping you find related items quickly. There are four types of lists you can browse:

  • Subject list – groups items together by specific topics. General topics are subdivided into narrower categories. Because the sub-topics are in a specific order, it works better to start with a single, general term.
  • Author list – groups items alphabetically by the family name of the author or creator. To search, type a family name followed by a personal name or initial (if desired). For example, 'smith j'.
  • Title list – an alphabetical list of titles. To search, enter the title without any initial articles, such as 'the', 'a' or 'an'. For example, 'lord of the rings'.
  • Call number list – a numerical list of Dewey numbers. To search, enter the call number without any location prefix (such as B, SLT, AO). Because Dewey numbers are based on subjects, this can be a useful way of finding related information regardless of where it is in the Library. This list also includes shelf names and locations for collections such as microfilm, pictures and other non-book materials, which may not be related by subject.
  • An alternate way to browse the call number list is to go to your chosen item's full details and scroll through the related items displayed near the bottom of this page. Browsing this way is equivalent to the call number list in browse search.