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Use of personal copying equipment in the Library

1. Purpose

This policy supports the use of personal copying equipment and devices by users in all public areas of the Library, except the Keith Murdoch Gallery. It excludes copying for commercial purposes, which is provided for by the media policy and procedures.

2. Scope

This policy provides for the use of personal copying equipment and devices within the public areas of the Library building.

3. Responsibilities and roles

The State Library of Victoria supports the use of personal portable copying equipment and devices by users provided such use does not infringe:

  • our by-laws (that is, use which puts the preservation or integrity of collection material at risk and/or impacts upon the comfort and safety of other users and staff)
  • Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth)
  • Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic)
  • Any restrictions on special handling or usage conditions (as directed by authorised officers)
  • Any intellectual property rights of the Library

Copyright legislation allows copying by individuals within certain parameters and also protects libraries from infringements made by users provided the prescribed (section 39) notices are placed near all types of Library-provided copying equipment.

It is the responsibility of users to obtain copyright permission from copyright owners. The Library accepts no liability for copyright infringements resulting from unauthorised copying of collection materials using personal equipment.

Reproduction of collection materials made using personal equipment for the purposes of publication, exhibition or display, video, film or television production, or for any other commercial purpose cannot be undertaken without prior permission from the Library. Fees are applicable for these purposes.

4. Procedure

Procedures for staff and users will be available based on our operating guidelines.