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Our service guidelines & principles

Our principles of service are guided by the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) principles of information and research services. These are also available as a PDF on the NSLA website: Information & research services principles.

The primary aim of information and research services is to support you to find, access, and effectively use resources in our collections for whatever purpose you choose.

We serve all members of our individual states, territories and nations without discrimination. We provide information and research services to people outside these jurisdictions when:

a) the inquiry relates to our state/territory/nation, or

b) the inquiry relates to collection items that are uniquely held or otherwise difficult to access.

1. We provide support by offering you our expert knowledge of library collections, search tools, research strategies, and the broader structure of the information sector.

2. We support user independence and self service wherever possible through developing user friendly information systems and creating online learning materials to facilitate your undertaking research independently.

3. We are strongly committed to principles of social justice and to equity of access to information, to providing a high level of service to all members of the community and to treating all enquiries with respect and confidentiality.

4. We will provide easy access to assistance by making our information services available at your point of need, whether online or in our libraries.

5. We will provide information and research services free of charge wherever possible.

6. We will facilitate information sharing between our users.

7. When we cannot satisfy your information needs within our service guidelines, we may provide you with further avenues of research by referring you to other suitable information providers.

NSLA libraries expect their staff to provide timely, courteous and professional service. Our guidelines and standards are outlined in our service guidelines.

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