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Baggage policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to inform individuals about baggage that may be brought onto Library premises.

2. Scope

This Policy applies to all persons on Library premises and Library employees.

3. Roles and responsibilities

  • CEO: delegated by the Library Board of Victoria to determine from time to time the size of any baggage or personal items that may be brought onto Library premises.
  • Security staff: responsible for ensuring that the baggage policy is consistently applied to all persons and members of the public. Responsible for identifying and managing baggage left unattended.
  • Library employees: responsible for assisting in the consistent application of this policy. Assist in orienting all persons and visitors to the front of house areas and communicating bag size restrictions and other conditions of entry, as updated and amended from time to time.
  • Person: any individual on Library premises. Observes and complies with Library policies, procedures and directions. Library employees or security staff may request any person to present baggage for inspection when on Library premises.

4. Definitions

  • Baggage: bag, luggage, equipment, article or object, however described, upon entry to and before leaving Library premises.
  • Library premises means any land or buildings managed or controlled by the Library Board of Victoria.
  • Personal items includes, but is not limited to: umbrellas, skateboards, food, drink.

5. Contents

5.1 Bag size

Any person on Library premises may be asked by a Library employee or security staff to present baggage, luggage or an object, however described, upon entry to and before leaving Library premises.

The Library reserves the right to exclude or impose additional baggage checks where it is deemed to be:

  • excessively large (your items must fit the dimensions of 45 x 25 x 82cm);
  • containing items not permitted on Library premises; or
  • a risk to health and safety following any advice or assessment in accordance with the Library’s policies and procedures.

5.2 Conditions

Subject to the approval of a Library employee or security staff, a person may be allowed to bring oversized baggage and items into designated areas on Library premises. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • official Library visitors who are accompanied by Library employee or security staff;
  • guests attending Library events or venue hire functions;
  • visitors with baggage containing care needs who are accompanying children or those with disabilities.

It is a condition of entry that persons who are permitted to take oversized baggage onto Library premises will, upon exiting, present such items for inspection to a Library employee or security staff.

5.3 Storage facilities

From time to time, the Library may offer storage facilities. Library employees are not permitted to store personal items or baggage for any person.

5.4 Unattended bags

All persons on Library premises are required to keep permitted baggage with them at all times. All persons have responsibility for their personal items and must be vigilant in supervising their baggage and property.

The Library is not responsible for unattended baggage or any loss or damage that may occur to personal items. Baggage left unsupervised in any part of the Library may be deemed abandoned and confiscated by a Library employee or security staff. Baggage deemed suspicious by a Library employee or security staff will be managed in accordance with the Library's policies and procedures.

Persons wishing to retrieve bags that have been stored by security staff should direct their inquiries to security.

Baggage or personal items must not be placed where they may put persons or staff at risk of injury.

6. Related Library policies, legislation and forms

  • Emergency response procedures
  • Library by-laws (terms of entry)
  • Library signage
  • Libraries Act 1988 (Vic)
  • Library occupational health and safety policy
  • Library risk management policy.