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Terms & conditions - online copy ordering service

These terms and conditions apply to ordering copies of Library items, including through the Library's online copy ordering service.

  • All requests for copying must fall within the provisions of the Commonwealth’s Copyright Act 1968.
  • Where the use of in-copyright works requires the permission of the copyright owner/s, it is the responsibility of the user to acquire this permission, and the Library may request a copy of this clearance.
  • Users are responsible for upholding the moral rights of creator/s of the work (if known) and are required to acknowledge the Library as the source of the work.
  • The Library Board of Victoria accepts no responsibility for any infringement of copyright, or other intellectual property rights, arising from the use of copies supplied to a user by the Library.
  • The State Library Victoria reserves the right to limit the total number of copies supplied at any one time and to supply the most suitable copy in respect of the material in its care. It may refuse a copying request if copying is likely to damage the item. The final decision about suitability for copying is made by the Library before the order is processed.
  • The Library reserves the right to adjust the total cost of an order. Users will be notified of any changes to the total cost before an order is commenced.
  • Changes to an order will not be accepted if the Library has commenced work on the order. A new order must be placed and paid for.
  • Cancellations of an order will not be refunded if the Library has commenced work on the order.