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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

The spines of hardcover books of various heights and sizes sit on a shelf
01 December 2020

Restricted books

Principal librarian Des Cowley lifts the curtain on books that were once kept hidden, because of their apparently dangerous and controversial ideas.

Man lying on black and white pattered ground
30 November 2020

‘Behind the Paint’, Shannyn Higgins’ vibrant portraits of street artists

In this striking portrait series, Victoria’s most prolific street artists dive in to the world they’ve created, and invite you to join them.

Black and while aerial shot of St Kilda foreshore
26 November 2020

The breathtaking aerial photography of 'Airspy'

The story behind these stunning bird's-eye photos is just as amazing as the images themselves.

A long-haired, smiling woman in overalls holds up a sign saying 'A good idea'
24 November 2020


In this short film, Principal Librarian Des Cowley shows stunning examples of Australian photobooks on display in our 'World of the book' exhibition.

19 November 2020

'Guide Alice': Mt Buffalo's original rebel, guide and photographer

Enjoy the photography and adventurous stories of Alice Manfield in this episode of From the Vault.

19 November 2020

The Library is open!

We can't wait to welcome you back.

Lifelike painting of birds among foliage
17 November 2020

Audubon's astonishing 'Birds of America'

Watch Principal Librarian Des Cowley reveal the intriguing stories behind Audubon's astonishing work of art, 'Birds of America' – including how the Library came to acquire it.

Black and white photo of two ballet dancers
11 November 2020

The exquisite ballet photography of Jean Stewart

Take a tantalising glimpse into the world of ballet from the 1930s to 1950s.

Black and white photo of two men filling the petrol of two cars
05 November 2020

The evolution of the Aussie servo

Take a trip down memory lane to the days when servos had character.

Isobel Knowles next to an image of decorated fruit
04 November 2020

Children's animation storytelling workshop with Isobel Knowles

Bring your apples, oranges and bananas to life with this animation workshop!

Black and white photo of a cat sitting at a table
29 October 2020

The best cats in our catalogue

We've scoured our digital collection for some of the best portraits of our feline friends!

A crowd of onlookers at a football game
22 October 2020

Local football over the decades

We've scoured our digital collections for the best and rarest images of local football over the century.