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Webinar: Zero or net-zero, does it matter and why should we care?

30 April 2021

Australia’s electricity sector is rapidly transitioning to a low emissions future, yet policy makers and commentators disagree on how to sustain this momentum while maintaining reliability and affordability.

Watch the recording of this joint State Library Victoria and Grattan Institute webinar about the future of the National Energy Market.

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About the speakers

  • Nicola Falcon is Group Manager of Forecasting at the Australian Energy Market Operator. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in the energy and environment sectors and has managed assignments in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and North America.
  • Pierluigi Mancarella is Chair Professor of Electrical Power Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Professor of Smart Energy Systems at the University of Manchester, UK.
  • James Ha is an Associate in Grattan Institute's Energy and Climate Change Program. Since joining Grattan as a policy analyst in 2018, James has worked in the Transport and Cities, Higher Education, and Energy and Climate Change programs.

About the moderator

  • Tony Wood has been Director of the Energy and Climate Change program at Grattan Institute since 2011, after 14 years working at Origin Energy in senior executive roles. From 2009 to 2014 he was also Program Director of Clean Energy Projects at the Clinton Foundation, advising governments in the Asia-Pacific region on effective deployment of large-scale, low-emission energy technologies.

About the Policy Pitch

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