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Julianne Negri Story Talks

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10 December 2020

In this three-part video series the Library's own Julianne Negri takes you on a creative journey to let your imagination run free!

As part of CBCA Book Week, the series will ensnare the senses by writing about full-on feelings, revealing lost words and their meanings and encouraging you to smother your nearest and dearest with kindness.

Each episode will come with a fun reading and writing activity at the end, perfect for classroom use as well as remote learning, suitable for ages 7–12.

Julianne Negri recently burst onto the scene with her debut book The Secret Library of Hummingbird House and is the beloved presenter of the Library's Storytime series.

The Story Talks series is supported by Gandel Foundation.

Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter, also supported by Gandel Foundation, is a purpose-built space for children and families to read, learn and play, with an associated program of activities. 

Watch Julianne Negri Story Talks

Part 1: Full-on feelings. Julianne introduces us to her new book and main character Hattie. We explore the ups and downs of Hattie’s life, how to write full-on feelings and practise ‘body breaks’ for moments of calm.

Part 2: What’s a throttlebottom?. Apparently words get lost! Julianne has found some again, and they’re fascinating. Watch her use them and invent your own. And, take a peek at what inspired the ‘secret library’ found at Hummingbird House.

Part 3: Kindivism. Julianne encourages kids to make a difference, and what better way than through kindivism (or kindness bombing). Julianne also explains how Brunswick’s rich Lebanese culture inspired her writing.

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