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The supreme master of magic online jigsaw puzzle

Poster shows image of magician dealing a pack of cards from his left hand, wand in right hand. He is surrounded by women in Eastern costume and an Asian magician stands behind him. Demons play with dice, a witch rides a broomstick and a camel train pass by pyramids on a moonlit night.
18 December 2020

We've turned five of our favourite images from the Library's collection into online, customisable puzzles - just in time for summer school holidays!

Choose your desired level of difficulty for this puzzle by changing the number of pieces.

Triumphant American tour, George the supreme master of magic

This poster circa 1920 is part of the WG Alma magic collection, which contains thousands of magical books, magazines, photographs, posters and tricks for you to explore.

Donated to the Library by world-renowned Australian magician William George Alma (1904–93), the collection reflects the Amazing Alma's lifelong dedication to the art of conjuring.

Target audience: eight to 12 years old.

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