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Kirli Saunders Story Talks

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10 December 2020

Tune in as Kirli Saunders chats about her new book Bindi and teaches us how to celebrate and take care of Country.

A proud Gunai woman, Kirli is a writer, educator and artist, and was named the NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year in 2020.

In this three-part video series we learn about Kirli’s passion for Country and first languages, her long-lasting love of poetry, and that reaching out to your heroes pays off. Plus, we get treated to a cameo by her writing rabbit, Dustin!

Watch and listen as Kirli shows us how to paint a portrait of our families with words, and encourages us to take action in caring for Country.

Bindi is the winner of the inaugural Daisy Utemorrah Award. Kirli is also the author of children’s picture book The incredible freedom machines and poetry collection ‘Kindred’.

These videos feature Auslan interpretation. Each video ends with an engaging activity to activate and inspire young writers. Perfect for classrooms and remote learning, ages 8-12.

The Story Talks series is supported by Gandel Foundation. Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter, also supported by Gandel Foundation, is a purpose-built space for children and families to read, learn and play, with an associated program of activities

Watch Kirli Saunders Story Talks

Part one: Stories and Kirli. Kirli and Tess are joined by Auslan interpreter, Susan. Kirli tells us about where she grew up, we meet her rabbit, Dustin, and learn that asking your heroes for advice pays off! Activity: A Kirli challenge - can you move, paint, draw, play, bake, and sing a story?

Part two: Bindi. Kirli tells us about how her experience of planting she-oak trees to protect black cockatoos (Garrall), followed by a season of bushfires, shaped her award-winning book Bindi. Activity: Create a list of 10 ways you can care for Country.

Part three: Poetry and verse. Kirli discusses why she wrote Bindi as a ‘book in verse’, shares her techniques for creating poems that you can ‘feel in your belly’, and reads her poem ‘Fambam’. Activity: Paint a portrait of your family - with words!

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