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Engagement Strategy 2020–24

In 1856 State Library Victoria opened as a ‘great emporium for learning’: a safe and open place for everyone, and a meeting point for memory, discovery, culture and ideas. While its form is ever-changing – physically and now digitally – the Library remains a place for all Victorians.

To be a Library for all, we must be an active part of our community – by connecting with people and helping them connect with us. We listen to, observe and seek to understand our community so we can respond to and anticipate their needs and preferences, today and tomorrow.

Our Engagement Strategy sets out our engagement role, goals and priorities for the next four years.

Our vision

State Library Victoria is a library for all in a changing world. Engagement with the Library inspires curiosity and allows more Victorians every year to builds new skills.

Our purpose

We believe that access to information and stories builds knowledge, strengthens community and inspires our future. We:

  • listen to what Victorians need, want and prefer from the Library
  • connect Victorians and visitors with our collections and safe spaces, and
  • create meaningful experiences and opportunities for discovery, dialogue and delight.

Our impact

To empower individuals and communities to achieve their own goals, we:

  • ignite creativity and curiosity
  • facilitate learning
  • build cultural and social connections, and
  • support equity and inclusion.

Our goals are to foster:

  • greater awareness of and connection with the Library
  • inclusive experiences that foster learning and creativity
  • strong, authentic relationships with First Nations people that benefit Aboriginal communities
  • more rural and regional Victorians to engage with the Library
  • founders from all walks of life being supported to set up sustainable ventures.

Read the Engagement Strategy

You can download the strategy in PDF format, below.