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Strategic plan

Our strategic plan sets out the Library's direction from 2016 until 2020.

The plan covers our values, goals and strategic direction. It also outlines opportunities presented by technological advances and our commitment to strengthening Victoria's culture, reducing disadvantage and connecting communities.

Our values

Innovation: we recognise and embrace new technologies, ideas and opportunities to improve, grow and develop as individuals and as industry leaders in a challenging environment.

Collaboration: we work together and with partners, sharing knowledge and resources to advance universal access to information.

Engagement: we work to understand, connect and meet the needs and expectations of our communities in the most appropriate ways.

Excellence: we provide an outstanding service at all times in a professional and ethical manner.

Respect: we strive to create an open and caring community by valuing and supporting individuals, and acknowledging the strength of diversity. 

Our goals

1. People at the heart

The needs of the people we serve are central to all that we do. 

2. No barriers

We are accessible to everyone and welcoming to all.

3. Open and inviting

We surprise, delight and inform by sharing stories, collections, spaces and expertise.

4. A library for the future

We are agile, innovative and forward-thinking. We offer world-class library services today and are building strong foundations for tomorrow.

Read the plan

You can download the plan in PDF format, below.

If you would like to be mailed a paper copy of the plan, please email our Communications and Marketing team at: marcommsadmin@slv.vic.gov.au.