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Strategic plan

The 2022–26 Strategic Plan sets out the Library’s values, goals and strategic direction for the next four years.

Our ambitious agenda will see the State Library globally recognised as a major destination for stimulating cultural experiences, a trusted place for contemporary debates and community-driven collecting, and a gateway to leading-edge digital experiences that invite new and creative ways to use the collection.

Our plan is built around the five strategies below, and focuses on actively listening to the voices of our community, ensuring that our collecting and programming is relevant and representative, and genuinely reflects the diverse life experiences of Victorians, providing different ways for people to connect, debate, explore ideas and be heard.

Our mission

We are Victoria’s library of record, home to the State Collection, free to access and open to all. We enrich the cultural, educational, social and economic lives of all Victorians.

Our vision

The community recognises State Library Victoria as the trusted and dynamic cultural custodian of the rich heritage of Victoria, ensuring access for all to better understand our past, inform our present, and inspire our future.

Our values

  • Innovation: We recognise and embrace new technologies, ideas and opportunities to improve, grow and develop as individuals and as industry leaders.
  • Collaboration: We work together and with partners, sharing knowledge and resources to advance universal access to information.
  • Engagement: We work to understand, connect and inspire the people we serve, and focus on meeting rapidly changing community needs.
  • Excellence: We deliver outstanding services, created and delivered with the highest standards of professionalism.
  • Respect: We strive to create an open and caring community by valuing and supporting individuals, and acknowledging the strength of diversity.

Our strategies & goals

Become a must-do destination

The Library precinct is a vibrant hub of activity, showcasing the collection, profiling expertise and maximising the use of our world-class spaces. We have inspired new audiences, visitors, scholars and tourists to engage with the Library through our celebrated curated programs and deep expertise.

Create a compelling digital experience

The Library’s rich collection is accessible to all through a compelling digital experience, inspiring visitors to respond in creative and thoughtful ways.

Strengthen diverse communities

Victoria’s diverse communities are strengthened through their connection with the Library, seeing genuine relevance and representation in our collecting, and valuing their engagement with our collection, exhibitions, programs and staff.

Become an active community voice for learning, knowledge and culture

We are a leader in learning, knowledge and culture. The Victorian community actively engages with the Library as a trusted place to explore current issues, provoking questions, learning and debate.

Deliver innovative and sustainable operations

We are innovative and sustainable in delivering the programs and services that our community needs. Our skilled and diverse staff have the right tools and infrastructure, and we have secured a sustainable funding base, augmented by additional revenue maximising community impact.

Read the plan

You can download the plan in PDF format, below.

If you would like to be mailed a paper copy of the plan, please email our Communications and Marketing team at: [email protected].