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As a State Government entity, State Library Victoria is subject to and operates within the required procurement framework set by the Victorian Government Procurement Board (VGPB). The Library aims to meet all requirements of the VGPB regarding probity and operate transparently in all required procurement activities. More information about the VGPB can be found on the Buying for Victoria website.

For any queries not covered on this page, please email [email protected].

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Victorian State Government is committed to ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible procurement.

The Supplier Code of Conduct describes the minimum expectations in the following areas:

  • integrity, ethics, and conduct
  • conflict of interest, gifts, benefits, and hospitality
  • corporate governance
  • labour and human rights
  • health and safety
  • environmental management.

A summary of the Supplier Code of Conduct is available at Ensuring ethical procurement through Supplier Code of Conduct - Suppliers’ Guide.

Suppliers must ensure that they and their employees, workers, representatives, suppliers, and subcontractors comply with the standards of conduct set out in the guide and other contractual obligations to State Library Victoria.

Forward Procurement Plan (in development)

To increase transparency and help businesses identify and plan for our future needs, the Library has issued a Forward Procurement Plan. This plan lists our anticipated major purchases over the next 12-24 months. It is an indicative plan only and may be updated from time to time or at least once a year. Companies should register with the Tendersvic website to ensure that they get advice on any upcoming tenders. All planned procurement activities are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in the Forward Procurement Plan is provided for information purposes only. It does not represent a solicitation or invitation to supply or a commitment by the department to purchase. Please also visit How government buys for more information on how to pre-qualify to join a panel or register.

Expression of interests/open tenders

All expressions of interest and open tenders raised by State Library Victoria will be advertised on the Tendersvic website.

Commitment to child safety

State Library Victoria is accessible to everyone and welcoming to all. We are committed to being a child safe organisation with zero tolerance for child abuse, always acting in the child’s best interests.

Please read our Child Safe Code of Conduct for more information on the mandatory requirement for suppliers and contractors working on site.

Complaints management

If you wish to lodge a complaint about a procurement process, please follow the below steps.

1. The complainant lodges a complaint via email which can be sent to [email protected]. Please include the following details:

  • Name and/or organisation's contact details.
  • The procurement that the complaint relates to.
  • The basis for the complaint specifying the issues involved.
  • How the subject of the complaint and the specific issue affects you or your organisation.
  • Any relevant background information.
  • The outcome desired by you or your organisation.

2. Within 5 working days, the Library acknowledges receipt, indicating at a minimum the contact person, process to be taken by organisation, and approximate timeline to address the matter.

3. If the Library requires additional information from the complainant, proceed to step 4. If not, proceed to step 6.

4. If the Library requires the services of external parties to advise on elements of the complaint, proceed to step 5. If not, proceed to step 6.

5. An extension of time is based on number of working days between the request for, and receipt of, additional information and/or advice sought.

6. Within 20 working days, the Library addresses the complaint and informs the complainant of findings and whether it intends to take any further action.

7. If the complainant accepts the finding, the process ends. If not, proceed to step 8.

8. The complainant may choose to pursue the matter with the VGPB to the details provided below. Within five working days, the Library informs the VGPB of any complaint that could not be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

Email to [email protected] or via letter addressed to the VGPB Board Chair at:

Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Department of Treasury and Finance
GPO Box 4379
Melbourne 3001

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