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[Relaxed Session] The Rest Is Up To You: Melbourne Fringe Festival 1982-2062

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27 May 2023, 9:00am10:00am
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Location State Library Victoria

Join us in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with a reduced sensory environment, including multimedia and AV elements lowered or turned off. Autistic and neurodiverse visitors can explore the past, present and future of Melbourne Fringe Festival in this relaxed session of The Rest Is Up To You exhibition.

What does Melbourne Fringe Festival mean to you? Does it conjure memories of boundary-breaking performances, the thrill of seeing (or being) an artist with a unique perspective to share, or perhaps the promise of future opportunities do so? 

State Library Victoria and Melbourne Fringe Festival explore the past, present and future of Fringe like never before in an immersive exhibition and performance space that is yours to revel in. Step inside the world of Fringe and celebrate 40 years of unforgettable experiences, as told by the artists, teams and audiences who make it all possible while dreaming of what the next 40 years will be like.

From the moment you enter the space, sound and video installations will captivate you with tales from Fringes past, as you reflect on the art and performances created, the social changes traversed, and the political movements woven into the fabric of our city as a result.

Please note: Readings book store and the rest of the spaces within the Library will be closed during this session. 


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