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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

A mannequin wears a striking headress and a floor-length cloak
18 June 2020

Collection care from home

Find out how the Library's collection care team has spent their time during lockdown – when they've been physically distant from the items they usually care for!

Front cover of Australian Women's Weekly depicts a nurse cradling a newborn
12 June 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 8: Special occasions

This week, tell us how you’ve overcome social distance or isolation to mark a significant life event.

Two women holding books
10 June 2020

Citizen Collectors' Toolkit

In this weekly video series, join one of the Library’s collection specialists to hear how they build and care for the State’s collection, and pick up tips for collecting at home.

Vintage computer in office
09 June 2020

Tech Tips Tuesdays

Watch our short, helpful videos to help you master the digital world - we'll cover everything from signing digital forms to taking great pictures with your smartphone!

Take safety with you and have a good time
05 June 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 7: Public health

We invite you to design a poster or compose a slogan to promote public safety through the pandemic.

Photograph of Sally Rippin's face
02 June 2020

Sally Rippin Story Talks

Watch this trio of bite-size videos as Sally Rippin, creator of Billie B Brown and Polly and Buster, shares creative insights and responds to questions from young fans!

A board game cover shows players on a football field
29 May 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 6: Exercise & wellbeing

This week we ask: what is motivating you to keep moving during this time?

Women in yellow dresses queuing at a supermarket
22 May 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 5: On the frontline

This week, we acknowledge those who are keeping us safe, healthy, clean and fed by asking you to create a portrait of your COVID-19 heroes.

book cover for Writers on Writers
18 May 2020

Anna Krien & Richard Cooke on Robyn Davidson

Watch journalist Richard Cooke in conversation with fellow writer Anna Krien about his book on Robyn Davidson for the Writers on Writers series.

A sheet containing small round scouts badges
15 May 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 4: Acts of kindness

This week we ask you to design a badge rewarding an act of kindness.

A woman wearing blue plastic gloves paints a sunflower
12 May 2020

Inside the Preservation studio

Come inside the Preservation studio for a sneak peek at preservation technician Savina Hopkins' work – which includes fashioning intricate boxes for our Vali Myers archive.

Old postcard embroidered with a military badge
08 May 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 3: Staying connected

This week we ask you to compose a message to someone you're missing during this period of isolation.