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Discover curiosities, treasures and the latest inspiring stories from our community and inside the Library

Inscribed words on a white wall
23 July 2020

The ribbon of words

Join Kate Torney in the dome, as we turn our gaze upwards to draw inspiration from 'the ribbon of words' that frames this iconic space.

Women sort Freddo Frog chocolates on an assembly line
20 July 2020

Freddo Frogs, Cherry Ripes & an averted plane disaster

Watch a short film of Carolyn Fraser talking about the connection between Melbourne confectionery king Macpherson Robertson and a Dutch plane lost over Albury in 1934.

A blonde man rides a bicycle down a suburban street
17 July 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 13: Daily snapshots

Share your photos of your walks through your local area be it urban, rural or in-between.

A smiling woman in a black dress sits in a timber dais in a large, elegant room
16 July 2020

The dais

Follow Kate Torney into the dais, at the centre of the domed La Trobe Reading Room, to discover some of its storied history.

A smiling woman's back is turned to us, her jacket emblazoned with the words 'Sew what'
10 July 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 12: Make, do & fix

Share the passion projects you've embarked on during the COVID-19 period – no matter whether you've completed or succeeded in your endeavours, we'd love to see your makes and mends!

A woman wearing a face mask places a 'Welcome' sign on a shop door
07 July 2020

The Policy Pitch: How Australia can recover from the COVID-19 crisis

Watch this Grattan Institute/State Library Victoria webinar on the policy agenda Australian governments should establish to deal with the COVID-19 shock.

03 July 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 11: Kitchen fads & fails

From banana bread to sourdough starters, COVD-19 has seen us hone our kitchen skills over the past few months, so show us your favourite kitchen fads and fails.

26 June 2020

Welcome Back to the Library

State Library CEO Kate Torney opens the doors to some of our most popular spaces on site and online.

People wearing headphones sit in a grid of small booths
26 June 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 10: Language

COVID-19 has brought many new and re-purposed words into our lexicon, so tell us the best new word you've heard in 2020!

Image of a computer
24 June 2020

Our online collections

Find out from expert librarians how to access the State Library's online databases, ebooks and other online resources.

Two young men scrutinise a large map
21 June 2020

Collecting Conversations

Watch weekly instalments of Collecting Conversations, in which some of Victoria’s most interesting collectors discuss their love of objects and the stories they reveal about our lives.​

Eight men in white outfits support each other in a human pyramid
19 June 2020

Collective Isolation Project, week 9: Collective versus individual

We'd like to hear which civil liberties you'd be willing to revoke, to get on with your old life.