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Sally Rippin Story Talks

Cartoon drawing of an impish, dark-haired young girl
02 June 2020

In a bundle of three bite-size videos, perfect for classrooms, the author of Billie B Brown and Polly and Buster talks to Library producer Tessa Hildebrand-Burke.

Sally responds to young readers' questions and shares creative insights into her much-loved books, believable characters and where her ideas spring from.

Peek into Sally's world and jumpstart your imagination with fun activities at the end of each video!

Suitable for children aged six to ten.

The Story Talks series is supported by Gandel Foundation.

Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter, also supported by Gandel Foundation, is a purpose-built space for children and families to read, learn and play, with an associated program of activities. 

Watch Sally Rippin Story Talks

Part 1: Getting started. Sally shows us a book she made when she was just 15yo (using a cereal carton!) and shares an activity for making your very own picture book. She also answers a question from young reader Ari, 'When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?'

Part 2: Getting creative. Sally discusses the importance of doing lots of practice to get better at writing and drawing stories. She answers a question from young fan Ruben about what to do when you run out of ideas, and shares an activity to design your perfect creative space. Plus, meet Aki Fukuoka who drew the wonderful illustrations for the Billie B Brown series.

Part 3: Creating characters. Sally talks about drawing on her own experiences and emotions to create vivid and believable characters. She answers young reader Quinn's question, 'Are Billie B and Jack based on real people or did you make them up?' and reads from her book Polly and Buster: the wayward witch and the feelings monster. Plus Sally talks about how to come up with ideas for creating amazing characters!

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