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Freddo Frogs, Cherry Ripes & an averted plane disaster

20 July 2020

Senior curator Carolyn Fraser draws out the heartwarming connection between Melbourne confectionery king Macpherson Robertson – creator of the Freddo Frog and Cherry Ripe – and a Dutch plane lost over Albury in 1934.

About Velvet, Iron, Ashes

Velvet, Iron, Ashes was a free exhibition held at the Library between October 2019 and July 2020. It presented a new way of seeing Victoria's history by drawing threads between people, places and events that were not immediately apparent, and which prompted viewers to make surprising connections and discoveries of their own.

Explore our dedicated Velvet, Iron, Ashes page to find out:

  • how the armour of infamous bushranger Ned Kelly is connected to cricket’s celebrated Ashes Urn
  • how fairy floss is connected to Victoria’s Latrobe Valley electricity industry
  • why the granddaughter of one of our prime ministers once wore a glittering velvet cloak symbolising the Murray–Darling irrigation scheme.

Image credit: the hero image on this video is Wolfgang Sievers' Quality control on the ‘Freddo frog’ production line at Macrobertson’s, Fitzroy, c 1959, in the Library's Pictures Collection.

About this video series

This video is the first of three in which Carolyn tells stories from and draws out the surprising connections in Velvet, Iron, Ashes