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Collective Isolation Project, week 12: Make, do & fix

A smiling woman's back is turned to us, her jacket emblazoned with the words 'Sew what'
10 July 2020

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the rhythms of our daily lives, an unexpected upside is that many of us have discovered our inner makers and tinkerers.

We are finding time to try out and explore passion projects we've long wanted to immerse ourselves in, 'if only I had the time'.

From intricate embroidery to practical home DIY, sewing new clothes and whittling wood, getting messy with clay and learning to knit one, purl one ... many of us are discovering and remembering the age-old pleasure of making, doing and fixing things with our very own hands.

Share your photos and stories of the items you've made or fixed – we'd love to see your tentative first steps, constructive 'failures' and shining triumphs!

Share your response at our Facebook Memory Bank group and tag us with #SLVMemoryBank.

About this image

This photo of Australian fashion designer Sally Browne in her cheeky 'Sew what!' embroidered and studded jacket was taken by Rennie Ellis in 1992. 

The Library's extensive collection of Australian fashion photos includes thousands of contributions from Ellis, who found beauty in glamour and squalor alike. Many of these eye-wateringly candid snaps are taken backstage, front row, at the club or after the party during the exhibitionist '80s and decadent '90s. Get your sequins on and explore!

How to respond

Please feel welcome to respond as creatively or literally as you wish.

We collect all kinds of materials including photos, diary entries, letters, written lists, oral histories, poems and objects ... our collection policy covers almost everything you could imagine, so try us!

If you contribute, we may contact you to discuss collecting and using your images, stories, objects and experiences. We may not be able to accept everything, but we will endeavour to do so! With your permission, your contributions may be added to the State Collection or used in future Library programs.

About The Collective Isolation Project

The Collective Isolation Project aims to cement this current moment in history, and is our inaugural Memory Bank campaign.

Find out more about Memory Bank, including details about how to contribute each week.

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