Newspapers eresources – historic

NOTE: Access to our eresources has been updated, and this page is no longer valid. See our new A–Z Databases listing or browse by subject: Historic newspapers.

To access most eresources from home, you need to be a Victorian resident with a current State Library card. (Terms and conditions of use apply.)

Historic Australian newspapers (Trove) (1803–1954)

Access digitised historic Australian newspapers, plus The Australian Women's Weekly from 1933 to 1982. No log-in required

The Sydney Morning Herald Archive (1955–95)

Search every edition of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald from 1955 to February 1995. Select the 'Access Archive' link.

Fairfax News Store

Search the archive of many Fairfax papers from 1991 to January 2015 as well as a selection of newswires from the Asia-Pacific region. All articles are available to be printed or downloaded free of charge. No log-in required

Google News Archive

Search selected content from The Age 1854–1989, The Port Phillip Herald 1840–1852 and 1898–1902 (as The Herald), The Sydney Morning Herald 1831–1989 and various American newspapers. No log-in required

Gale NewsVault

Cross-search several British newspaper archives, including 19th Century British Newspapers, The Times Digital Archive, The Sunday Times, The Times Literary Supplement, The Illustrated London News and Punch Historical Archive.

ProQuest International Newspapers

Read full-text editions of the Los Angeles Times (1985–), The New York Times (1980–), The Washington Post (1987–), The Guardian (1989–) and The Scotsman (1817–1950).

19th Century British Newspapers (1780–1950)

Search British metropolitan and regional newspapers from the British Library's newspaper collection, predominantly from the 19th century.

The Times Digital Archive (1785–2010)

Access complete content of the London Times, fully searchable and viewable as images.

The Sunday Times Digital Archive (1822–2006)

Access the full text of this British weekly newspaper, editorially independent from The Times, which provides thoughtful analysis and commentary on the week’s news and society at large.

Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive (1902–2011)

Read reviews of British publications, theatre, cinema, music and exhibitions.

The Illustrated London News Historical Archive (1842–2003)

Search this illustrated weekly newspaper with reports of British and world events including war, disasters, royalty, social affairs, the arts and science.

Punch Historical Archive (18411992)

Browse the iconic British magazine of humour and satire, including its celebrated cartoons and humorous Almanacks.

Irish Newspaper Archive (1738–)

Read full-text Irish newspapers, including The Irish Independent (1905–), the Irish Examiner (1841–) and The Freeman's Journal (1763-1924).

Chronicling America (1836–1922)

Access the complete content of a huge array of historic regional and metropolitan American newspapers. No log-in required

Papers Past (1840–1915)

Read the complete historical content of over 44 New Zealand newspapers including the Charleston Argus, the Lake Wakatip Mail and many more. No log-in required

Ryerson Index (1831–)

Find death notices and obituaries from Australian newspapers from 1831 to the current day. No log-in required

Tasmanian Newspaper Indexes (1816–2010)

Search local and other indexes to an array of Tasmanian newspapers including The Mercury, The Examiner, The Advocate and many more. No log-in required