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Welcome to the Library Tour

1 hour
Year level
$130 per class
25 students per class

Bring your students on a journey through Victoria’s oldest and busiest public library. For over 165 years, State Library Victoria has been a place for ideas, discussion, collaboration and learning. Our Welcome to the Library tour is an hour-long facilitated journey that will introduce students at all levels to the Library’s unique heritage spaces, from artworks in the Cowen Gallery to the iconic La Trobe Reading Room.

This program is available Tuesday-Thursday during term time at 10.00am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm. A maximum of two classes can be allocated to one booking time. 

Students will:  

  • Explore the Library’s unique heritage spaces, including the iconic La Trobe Reading Room.
  • Visit the Redmond Barry Reading Room and view significant artworks in the Cowen Gallery.
  • Discover the Library’s services and learn about the significant role it plays in documenting the history of Victoria.
  • Reflect on why libraries are important to communities and individuals.

This program links to the Victorian Curriculum and helps students to:  

  • Understand the role that people of diverse backgrounds have played in the development and character of the local community and/or other societies (VCHHK074).
  • Understand the role that a significant individual or group played in shaping and changing a colony (VCHHK092).
  • Evaluate the historical significance of an event, idea, individual or place (VCHHC128).

To find out more about visiting the Library, bus parking and COVID-19 guidelines, see Plan a school visit