Dan Giovannoni & Amelia Evans

Mad as a cute snake follows the journey of Cardigan Coriander-Turner on her epic ride from suburban Melbourne to the Daintree and beyond in order to save Trix, the family’s pet snake. Cardigan’s mother is world-famous cabaret sensation/adventurer Kiki Coriander and her father is Olympic fencing champion turned fence-fixer James Turner. Cardigan has taken her parents' belief that you can be anything you want to be literally, deciding to be a little boy who’s also a superhero, with three sisters, 17 aunts and two pet dolphins. Genuinely entertaining and insightful, this play from two very strong writers features consistently inventive storytelling and wild humour that celebrates the joy of imagination.

NIDA graduates Amelia Evans and Dan Giovannoni are award-winning playwrights and dramaturgs from Melbourne. Together with their collaborators, they’ve created and widely toured The myth project: twin and Waltzing Wolloomooloo: the tale of Frankie Jones. Amelia’s plays include Lyrebird, A hypnic trip and The saturated world. Dan's plays include Wrecking and Two by two, and he has worked as a guest artist with Back to Back and Theatre of Speed. He is currently a Red Stitch Writer, developing his new play Jurassica.