Public libraries

State Library Victoria is committed to building a strong relationship and working collaboratively with public libraries across the state in order to deliver better services to all Victorians.

This collaboration is defined in our Framework for collaborative action (2014), which:

  • defines the basis of our relationship with the public library network
  • articulates the underpinning shared vision, goals and values
  • specifies roles and responsibilities
  • includes a three-year plan of collaborative projects
  • summarises past collaborative achievements

Much of our work with public libraries is about building capacity in the sector. It focuses on industry research and innovation, strategy development, workforce and leadership development, and advocacy. We also work collaboratively to deliver community programs in public libraries, especially in regional areas.

Between July 2014 and June 2017, the Library is working with Victoria’s public libraries in the following three main areas.

Read Program

The Read Program highlights and strengthens the critical role played by public libraries and the State Library in promoting reading and supporting literacy development across all life stages. Initiatives include:

Memory Program

The Memory Program focuses on local history, and is commemorating the centenary of World War I with the Writing the war panel exhibition and associated community programs. The exhibition will travel to 12 Victorian public libraries. The program also includes a range of initiatives to increase online access to Victorian local-history collections.

Lead and Learn Program

The Lead and Learn Program aims to ensure that Victorian public library staff have the knowledge, skills and leadership capability required of 21st-century libraries. Initiatives include:

Public Libraries Victoria Network

Public Libraries Victoria Network (PLVN) is the peak body for Victorian public library managers, and the State Library’s partner in its sector-wide work. Visit the PLVN website for a wealth of information about Victorian public libraries and access to a library locater.