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When The Human Engine Waits by Rawcus with Yandell Walton

03 February 2023, 8:30am10:00pm
04 February 2023, 8:30am10:00pm
Location Library forecourt
328 Swanston Street
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

In ‘When the Human Engine Waits’ projection, performers and the cello collide to reveal the secret thoughts of everyday pedestrians.

The woman biting her nails. The security guard. The man with grocery bags. The teenager on their way to the party. ‘When the Human Engine Waits’ is a deep dive into the fantasies of everyday people encountered on the street: the things unsaid, the actions untaken, the memories that lurk, and the joys bottled up are explored through visual metaphor and movement. Award-winning theatre company Rawcus collaborate with renowned projection artist Yandell Walton to bring you a new live artwork performed on Melbourne’s streets at night. Set to a score played by a live cellist, three performers explode their secret thoughts into existence through projection art. The audience is invited to interact with the projections, putting themselves in the protagonist’s place, their inner worlds turned larger than life.

Rawcus is a critically acclaimed long-term ensemble of 12 performers with diverse minds, bodies and imaginations. For over 22 years, the company has been creating audacious performances and arts experiences.

Yandell Walton is a contemporary artist whose work encompasses projection, installation, and interactive digital media. Yandell’s work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and non-traditional public spaces.


  • Yandell Walton: Audio Visual Artist/Co-creator.
  • Katrina Cornwell: Director/Co-creator.
  • Morgan Rose: Dramaturg/Co-creator.
  • Nilgun Guven, Mike McEvoy and Ryan New: Performers-Co-creators.
  • Campbell Banks: Cellist/Co-creator.

Learn more about When the Human Engine Waits.

Rawcus receives organisational support from the Victorian State Government’s Creative Victoria Creative Enterprises Program, the City of Port Phillip’s Key Arts Organisation Program and the Shulu Foundation.

Midsumma x Ignite Melbourne has been supported through the Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund, a partnership between the Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne.