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Audio: Liz Denny on researching Chinese miners

  • Date recorded: 25 Aug 2014

  • Duration: 42:57

'a significant part of what would have been the local landscape has gone, and you'll only find these memories in the archives'

– Liz Denny

About this recording

Liz Denny, Access Services Officer at Public Record Office Victoria, speaks at Family History Feast 2014 on the topic of researching the records of Chinese miners who worked on the Ballarat goldfields in the 1850s.

Liz provides plenty of information for family history researchers who are planning a visit to Ballarat to browse the archives, and highlights the huge amount of fascinating material available. Of major interest are those records particular to Ballarat, including newspapers, minining, administration and municipal records.

She also highlights regulations, garden licences, court records, hospital records, inquests and rates notices, and documents written by Chinese people in both English and Chinese.

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Liz Denny is an Access Services Officer at the Ballarat Archive Centre, a branch repository of Public Record Office Victoria's main archive.