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Primary research skills workshop

2 hours, 1 hour
$180 for 2 hours (onsite), $130 for 1 hour (online)
25 students (onsite), 90 students (online)

This specially designed workshop builds on core literacy skills to explore important concepts of online research and critical literacy.

Students will begin to understand that not everything they read and see online is true, and that it can be tricky to distinguish between credible and unreliable information.

Students will:

  • understand why it's important to be a critical and creative thinker in today's world
  • apply core literacy skills in order to think critically about information
  • compare characteristics of reliable and unreliable websites.

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As part of your program, when you book an onsite visit you can choose one of the following self-guided experiences:

Welcome to the Library trail

Explore Australia’s oldest and busiest public library. Students will navigate our vast spaces, and discover how libraries contribute to our community and how State Library Victoria collects and cares for all our stories.

World of the Book Exhibition trail

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All of our education programs complement the Victorian Curriculum and include hardcopy or online resources to support and extend student learning.

This program is generously supported by Gandel Foundation for low-ICSEA Victorian primary schools.

To find out more about visiting the Library, bus parking and COVID-19 guidelines, see Plan a school visit.

Please note: low-ICSEA primary schools participating in the Library’s Gandel programs, 'Create your own book' and 'Primary research', are eligible to have program and bus costs reimbursed. For more information please email education@slv.vic.gov.au