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Independent publishing workshop

2 hours
Year level
$180 per group

Explore how young people have expressed themselves through art and self-publishing from medieval times through to today in this hands-on workshop. Students will explore artists’ books and independent publications, and respond by creating their own zine to share their ideas to inspire discussion and debate.  

Students will: 

  • explore the history and culture of independent publishing
  • examine the different writing and illustrative styles artists and writers use to express themselves
  • see the Library’s unique heritage spaces, including the World of the Book exhibition
  • discover book-making techniques and create their own publication that reflects an emerging sense of personal style. 

As part of your program, your students will experience the World of the Book exhibition trail.

In this trail, you will explore the Library’s iconic spaces and the Library's collection of rare and unique works on display in the World of Book Exhibition. Students will discover how books are keepers of ideas, knowledge, and stories.

This program links to the Victorian Curriculum and helps students to: 

  • compare and evaluate how ‘voice’ as a literary device can be used in a range of different types of texts to evoke particular responses (VCELT465
  • create texts that reflect an emerging sense of personal style and evaluate the effectiveness of these texts (VCELT476
  • analyse, interpret and evaluate a range of visual works from different cultures, historical and contemporary contexts (VCAVAR046). 

To find out more about visiting the Library, bus parking and COVID-19 guidelines, see Plan a school visit.