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2016 Collection Appeal

Thank you

Donations to the Library's 2016 Collection Appeal raised more than $95,000 and secured the purchase of Lieutenant Dabney Minor Scales’ CSS Shenandoah diary, which will be displayed in the Library in 2017. 

The Appeal also raised funds to build and preserve rare and significant items for our History of the Book and Pictures collections.

These rich collections inform and inspire scholars and students as well as writers, musicians, artists and members of the public who use these unique items to understand and tell the story of Victoria's history.

About the CSS Shenandoah ship-board diary

This rare diary details a surprise visit to Melbourne in 1865 by the CSS Shenandoah, the only Confederate ship to circumnavigate the globe. Lt Dabney M Scales' ship-board diary features first-hand observations of officers and crew mixing with the people of Victoria, and offers valuable insights into Melbourne society in the mid-19th century. Discover more about the Shenandoah diary.