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Help for connecting to our Wi-Fi

You can use our free, high-speed Wi-Fi network to access the web (including web-based email), use our online catalogue, and search for journal articles and ebooks. Our Wi-Fi network runs on the AC Wi-Fi standard and we have more than 60 Wi-Fi acquisition points positioned throughout our public spaces.

Please note: the Library does not provide technical support for wireless users. If you experience problems other than those listed below, please consult your user's manual, your hardware or software provider, or your preferred network administrator for further assistance.

Read our ICT use and security policy, including our specific Wi-Fi conditions.

I can't connect to the wireless network

  • Check that your device is wireless enabled and the wireless function is switched on.
  • Check your signal strength. Obstacles such as pillars and walls can interrupt your connection. Try relocating towards the centre of the room.
  • Check your network settings. These will vary according to your operating system, so consult your owner manual if you’re unsure. Our network name is the State Library of Victoria.

I've selected the State Library wireless network but can't get online

  • If you see the message 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate’, click the 'Continue to this website' option to connect.
  • Check that your firewall isn’t blocking access.
  • Our wireless service provides all the network information your device requires to connect. Any proxy settings (IP and/or browser) preconfigured for another network will be incompatible with State Library wireless.
  • If you are using the Edge browser, the second log-in page may not display. If this occurs, use another browser or click on the three dots (...) on the top right of the browser display. This will activate a dropdown box. Choose 'Open with Internet Explorer' from the listed options.

I connected a while ago, but now my service is disconnected

The service automatically disconnects after 30 minutes if not used. Simply connect again.

My signal and speed varies from one session to the next

Wood, walls, pillars, bookshelves, people and other obstacles can interrupt or weaken the wireless signal. Also, the connection slows down when more people use the wireless service.

I can’t access certain websites, file types or file sizes

The Library’s wireless network only provides web browsing, not full internet access, so FTP and non-web-based email are not accessible.

Our wireless service is subject to the same security precautions as our wired network, so there are restrictions on certain file types and sizes. The message ‘Access has been denied!' will display if the file type you are trying to download is in the ‘blocked’ list (this includes .exe files), or if the file exceeds the allowed size.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are not accessible over the Library's wireless network as they are insecure and can expose networks to cyber threats.

I’m having other problems

There may be other issues specific to your device, including file-sharing and other software, your security settings and our LAN settings.

If our wireless system detects software that’s deemed a security risk, it may restrict your available bandwidth or prevent you from connecting. The State Library recommends turning off file-sharing software.