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Terrie Page on military property acquisition during WWII

  • Date recorded: 21 Aug 2017

  • Duration: 34:01

'This series could be of interest to family historians, particularly if your ancestors had any property that was hired during WWII. These files can often include a very detailed report about the property.'

– Terrie Page

About this video

In this video from our series of presentations from Family History Feast 2017, Terrie Page from National Archives of Australia (NAA) delves into records dealing with property rentals during WWII.

In her talk, Terrie demonstrates the different ways of carrying out a record search on the NAA's website. By focusing on the specific topic of properties acquired or rented during wartime for administrative, military and recuperative purposes, she provides useful working examples of record searches and problem troubleshooting.

From basic searches using keywords or dates, she moves to advanced searches and filtering to track down the different government departments or agencies involved in creating records.

The records include interesting details of the properties' locations, inventories and valuations, and can also provide details of compensation received by owners of properties rented by the government during the war.

The NAA's many resources include documents, posters, plans, films, sound recordings, videotapes, digital records and photographs. Together, they help explain who we are as a nation today.


Terrie page is Assistant Director Access & Communication at National Archives of Australia.

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