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Charlie Farrugia on PROV land records

  • Date recorded: 21 Aug 2017

  • Duration: 57:16

'Within the records of government, there is no one record that exists which is going to record the details of every single piece of land, and every single person that's ever owned that land, and every single person that may have rented out that piece of land – it just doesn't exist.'

– Charlie Farrugia

About this video

In this video from our series of presentations from Family History Feast 2017, Charlie Farrugia from Public Records Office Victoria (PROV) provides an overview of the government records held by PROV, focusing on the topic of land.

This engaging and entertaining presentation provides a user-friendly guide through PROV's website, exploring the archives by topic and in particular taking us step by step through Researching land and property, and Researching your house.

Charlie shows how to search the website for particular records created or received by Victorian government departments, statutory authorities and municipal councils, and provides plenty of screenshots to demonstrate each step in the search process.

He also highlights the website's many helpful hints and tips, such as the Land Guide, and shows how to filter the results; for example, indicating whether records have been digitised or are available for viewing at PROV's reading room in North Melbourne.

Charlie also provides tips for successful researching, and notes that to get the best out of PROV's invaluable resources, you need to ask yourself: What do I need to know before I start?


Charlie Farrugia is the Senior Collections Advisor at Public Record Office Victoria.

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