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Steven Kafkarisos on the Library's WWI collection

  • Date recorded: 10 Aug 2015

  • Duration: 46:44

Our rich military history collection is the legacy of a decision taken 100 years ago ... to make 'a special collection of books on the European war'.
– Steven Kafkarisos

About this video

In this 2015 Family History Feast presentation, Steven Kafkarisos pulls a few fascinating threads from the rich patchwork of the Library's WWI collection – one of the best and most diverse WWI collections in Australia.

The Library's broad collection includes battalion diaries, published histories and memoirs, military manuals, pamphlets, newspapers, journals, government reports and Parliamentary papers, manuscripts, sheet music and sound recordings, maps and pictures.

The collection's themes are similarly diverse, capturing military campaigns (including the Palestine campaign, where many Lighthorsemen served); unit, battalion and division histories; histories of lesser-known Corps including the Australian and New Zealand Cycling Corps, and the Australian Army Veterinary Corps; the effect of shellshock on returning soldiers and their communities; prisoners of war; and the role of nurses.

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Steven Kafkarisos is a librarian at the State Library of Victoria. In 2013 he presented a Family History Feast lecture on the Library's military history collection.