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Charles Leadbeater talks innovation and creativity in education

Speaker(s): Charles Leadbeater

  • Date recorded: 10 Oct 2012

  • Duration: 37:47

'We need people who don’t just provide new solutions, but create new ways of seeing the entire field and think like a movement.'

- Charles Leadbeater

About this video

Listen and learn as innovation and creativity expert Charles Leadbeater turns his attention to education and the question of access and quality.

Charles introduces us to social innovators who have changed accepted models of learning, and are doing interesting and effective things to improve the learning experience around the globe.

Be inspired by his tips for successful collective creativity, including the mantras think like a movement, not like a system, and reuse and repurpose wherever possible.


Charles Leadbeater is a British author. Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity.

He has advised companies, cities and governments around the world on innovation strategy. In 2005 Charles was ranked by Accenture, the management consultancy, as one of the top management thinkers in the world.