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Aleks Krotoski takes an expert look at the online world

Speaker(s): Aleks Krotoski and Andrew Hiskens

  • Date recorded: 4 Jun 2013

  • Duration: 39:30

'You very rarely get such natural behaviour in a laboratory setting.'

- Aleks Krotoski

About this video

Is the internet a good or a bad thing?

In promoting her book Untangling the web: what the virtual revolution is doing to you, journalist Aleks Krotoski looks at the psychological research behind the web and sorts out the pros and cons of going online.

More people than ever are using the internet, but we’re now more critical of technology and its inescapable presence.

Join the conversation with Aleks as she applauds the fact that, increasingly, people are taking time out from email and Facebook, aware that it's a distraction and not the real world. Do you agree?


Aleks Krotoski is a Polish-American broadcaster and journalist, currently based in the UK, who writes about technology and interactivity.

Aleks was raised in America, emigrated to Scotland to finish her degree in Psychology and then become a TV presenter/reporter. She presents The Guardian podcast Tech Weekly and contributes to guardian.co.uk. She formerly wrote a print column for The Guardian's now defunct Technology section.

Aleks is interviewed by Andrew Hiskens, Manager Learning Services at State Library Victoria.